I recently had the privilege to go to Thailand with my fiancé and it was nothing short of amazing. Our goal was simply to relax and take our minds off of work. Although there was lots of that but we also did some “touristy stuff” but slightly unconventional.
We took the local Phuket bus from Patong to Old town Phuket. There are faster modes but these old busses are slow which gave us the opportunity to see more of the route and local surroundings.
Old Town Phuket if full of beautiful buildings some well maintained or recently renovated while others derelict but full of character.
Whats also amazing is the symmetry!
This young man was feeding his “machine”, a litho printer, when we walked by.  He invited us in and showed us around. The funny thing was they were busy printing the marketing material for the resort we stayed in.
We also stopped in at the oldest herbal store in Thailand.  Its amazing to see all the roots, leaves and berries being weighed packaged and sold.
Ok so I can’t take credit for the image I’m in, but when a monk invites you in, points to you to take your shoes off, then leads you to the front of the shrine and takes your camera before further gesturing you to kneel down what do you do?  He then proceeded to take images, bobbing and weaving, putting on a great show and each time I thought ok thats enough my turn he showed us another chair or bench and starts over.  After nearly filling up a 8Gig card there is one somewhat decent in focus image…… Than you Mr Monk you are a legend!
We also visited the museum, not a big one but we did learn some interesting cultural backgrounds and also the history of the architecture and the typical house construction from older generations. Later on that day we were invited into a gentleman’s house.  His daughter converted the front entrance into a antique/coffee shop and most of the furniture and relics date back to his grandmother who originally owned the house.
Scooters Scooters Scooter everywhere there scooters.

Another mind blowing feature of the landscape is the volume of wire there is almost no way you can get a clean photo without wiring being suspended from one pole to another.

There gents take there game serious often taking 5mins before making move.  Janet eventually made her self comfortable on the pavement!
After the entire day of walking around the old town, we decided to wait around for the Korean food festival.  The entire street was filled with vendors and all the people wore white clothing.
More Scooters

For most nights we walked from our resort to Bangla road in Patong.  This is where everything happens – bars, restaurants, shows, karaoke, you name it. For us though we raced past all of this to get to the food!!  Each night they have a designated “Street Food” area where vendors prepare and sell food. Open to having something different each night we would each pick an item and then share as the portions were never to much or never to little.

iPhone images

Sunset over Patong
Traditional fishing village…
Our first and last night was seen in Nay Yang, compared to Patong its a very quite tranquil place but the sunsets are breath-taking.
A hour later I was still taking sunset photos, while the local fisherman and some of the visitors played a friendly game of soccer.

The trip was one of our highlights of the year and we can’t wait to go on our next adventure.
Below is a series of photos taken with the iPhone, its not alway practical carrying a large camera.
The best camera is the one in your hand!

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